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At A1 Tee Off, we are proud to offer state-of-the-art golf simulators that transform the way you play and enjoy golf. Our simulators are designed to create an engaging and entertaining space for groups, ideal for gathering friends, family, or colleagues in any season.

The immersive experience provided by our simulators is unmatched. Not only do they offer realistic gameplay, but they also allow for social interaction and friendly competition. With our advanced technology, players can experience a wide range of famous golf courses from around the world, all from the comfort of your chosen setting.

indoor golf simulators
indoor golf simulators
aboutGOLF simulators


A key benefit of utilizing a golf simulator is the detailed performance metrics it provides. The high-speed cameras combined with aboutGolf's advanced swing analysis system deliver accurate data about your play.

You can track and analyze specific details about your shots, such as:

  • Total Distance

  • Carry Distance

  • Ball Speed

  • Club Head Speed

  • Backspin

  • Launch Angle, and many other aspects!

The cutting-edge aG technology offers players a chance to refine both their long and short game, thanks to its realistic simulation capabilities. These intelligent insights aid golfers in identifying and correcting their errors, enhancing their swing technique. 

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